Tuesday, December 19, 2006

What a Ski Diva wants.

Here we are, in the final ramp up to Christmas. I don't know about you, but I've been very, very good alllllll year. (Well, there was that one time......but let's forget about that.)

If you have a Ski Diva on your list, better hustle and get her something that'll have her turning cartwheels in the snow all season long.

Here are a few sites that may help with an idea or two:

Outdoor Divas: Gear and clothing designed to unleash the inner Ski Diva.

Title Nine: Women's sports and athletic apparel. A great selection.

Isis: Performance clothing designed by women for women. Beautiful things!

Or how about the gift of a women's ski clinic? There are lots of great ones around. Or something from your local ski shop -- a new boot bag, a pair of mittens, or something to keep her toesies warm?

Better get busy -- there's less than a week left!

Be sure to visit TheSkiDiva.com, a new internet forum especially for women skiers, where women skiers can connect with one another to talk about everything and anything ski-related.

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