Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Appreciating the Summer Olympics.

Yes, I am capable of appreciating summer sports. Michael Phelps is amazing. And Dara Torres has become a personal hero of mine (41 years old! She rocks!).

So here are some of my random thoughts about the Olympics:

  • Wasn't that the most amazing opening ceremony ever???? Stunning. Incredible. Eye-popping. These don't even begin to describe it. If you haven't seen it, find a way to. You won't be sorry.

  • Michael Phelps is incredible! Probably the best swimmer of all time! That said, I wish NBC wasn't turning its coverage into the Michael Phelps Show. I mean, there are plenty of other athletes there, too. It's a bit much.

  • What's with women's beach volleyball? Why do they wear bikinis and the men wear shorts and t-shirts???? Am I the only one who finds this odd???

  • How does one get to be an Olympian in some of these sports?

  • The American women had a clean sweep at fencing: Gold, Silver, and Bronze! Go USA!!!

  • Those synchronized divers are amazing. How do they do it???

  • Some of the Chinese women gymnasts look like they're 8 years old.

  • All in all, the summer Olympics are an amazing display of what talent, ability, and incredible hard work can do. Every athlete there should be congratulated. I salute them all. And I'll keep tuning in.

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