Tuesday, January 13, 2009

How cold is too cold?

For everyone, it's different.

Take my folks who live in Florida. If the temperatures dip into the fifties, they're ready to call it a national emergency.

Here in Vermont, however, we're in for a real cold snap. The high temp over the next few days is expected to top out at 5°, with the wind chill making it feel like well below zero. Overnight, it should dip to about 20 below.

That's cold.

Will I go out to ski? Probably, at least for a while. There are ways to gear up to make it a bit more tolerable. I have boot heaters in my ski boots, Boot Gloves to wear over them, a face mask (as ugly as that is), and lots of warm base layers to pile on under my ski pants and jacket. I'll probably take more breaks than I would under ordinary circumstances (2 runs, break, 2 runs, break).

When it comes to cold temps, looking good takes a back seat. I'm all about keeping warm. I won't be pretty, but I'll be out there.

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