Sunday, January 31, 2010

Back from Schweitzer

Yep, I'm back from four days in north Idaho. Not the easiest place to get to from Vermont, but definitely well worth it.

If you haven't heard of Schweitzer, you're not alone. A lot of people haven't. I'd mention to someone where I was going, and they'd give me a blank look and say, "Where??"

But that's not a bad thing. Because this way, it remains a nicely kept, kind of off-the-beaten track secret. At 2,900 acres, Schweitzer is definitely not hiding (compare that to 632 acres for my local mountain, Okemo). And there's plenty to keep you busy. You like trees? There are tons. You like steep? You got it. Moguls? Got them, too. And the view? Incredible. From the front side, you look out over Lake Pend Orielle (pronounced Pond Oray):

Here's the view from the Outback, or the back side of the mountain, where there's a ton of great skiing, too:

Schweitzer averages 300 inches of snow, and it's way down this year. Still, there was a lot of snow and zero ice. And with temps in the low 30's, no wind, and BLUE skies (I understand that's very unusual there. But it's unusual in Vermont, too), it was especially pleasant skiing weather.

Is it needless to say I had a great time? Well, I'll say it, anyway. I had a great time. I give it two ski poles up.

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