Wednesday, April 09, 2008

So what did you accomplish this ski season?

Sadly enough, the ski season is coming to a close here in the northeast. The snow is softening and melting, the days are becoming warmer, and yesterday I saw my first robin. I truly hate to see it end.

Nonetheless, it's been a terrific season. The snow conditions have been epic here in Vermont all winter long -- quite a change from last year. I started skiing in mid-November and even skied today, April 9, getting in more than 60 ski days, a new record for me.

In addition to racking up more ski days, some of my highlghts this year have been:

  • Skiing Alta and Solitude: Never been there before, and it was absolutely fabulous. Loved the terrain, the weather, the skiing; I'll definitely be back!

  • Meeting more of the great women from Many joined me at the aforementioned Alta and Solitude, where I spent a week meeting and skiing with some terrific women from across the country. Others came to ski with me here in the norheast. You can't imagine a more fun group of ripping women skiers! Truly a delight to meet each and every one of them.

  • Pushing my comfort zone: Even in skiing, it's easy to get stuck in a rut, particularly when you ski the same area most of the time. On my trip to Utah, I definitely pushed my boundaries, skiing terrain I probably wouldn't have attempted on my own -- and it was a blast!.

  • Definitely a season I'll long remember.

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    Riley said...

    OK one more. Sounds like you had a great season. Alta is great, I've not been to Snowbird but I went to Snowbasin and it is a true gem! If you make another trip to Utah, check it out. I chalked up 50 resort days in Colorado, 1 day in Montana and 5 in the Colorado backcountry including a 4 day hut trip to Margy's hut outside of Aspen. The other day was to get my Christmas tree.