Friday, February 23, 2007

Got cold feet?

I don't mean the kind you get when you're nervous and change your mind. I mean actual cold feet -- the kind you get when the temperature's below zero.

Here are some tips that might help keep your toes toasty:

  • Make sure your boots fit. If they're too tight, they could be cutting off circulation. And that can make your feet cold.

  • Use thinner sox. That's right. Seems counter-intuitive, but thick sox can 1) cramp your feet and cut off your circulation, or 2) make your feet sweat, which will cool them right down.

  • Spray your feet with anti-perspirant. No kidding. Because dry feet are warmer feet. (Plus they won't stink!)

  • Keep your core warm. The warmer your core, the better your blood can circulate to your extremities, where it can do the most good.

  • Use toe warmers. The little self-adhesive kind that stick to the top of your foot, inside your boot.

  • Look into neoprene boot covers. These can go a long way in keeping out cold air, so your feet stay toasty.

  • Remember, warm feet are happy feet! And happy feet love to ski!

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