Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Jump For Joy!

Well, it's about time -- women ski jumpers may finally be on the way to becoming Olympic competitors!

I don't know if you've been following this story, but ski jumping is the only Olympic sport that doesn't allow women to compete. And yes, you don't have to check your calendars; it really is 2006 -- not 1906.

Just last week, however, the International Federation of Skiing (FIS) voted to add an individual event in the 2009 World Championships in Liberec, Czech Republic -- a necessary step to the sport attaining Olympic status.

Why the hold up? The thought was that there weren't enough competitors to generate interest for the sport. But according to CBS News, more than 120 women from 14 countries are registered with the FIS as ski jumpers. And nearly half of them are qualified to compete internationally. That gives ski jumping more seasoned competitors than women's bobsled and skeleton had when those sports were added to the Games in 2002.

So a big congratulations to women ski jumpers like Lindsey Van, Alissa Johnson, and Jessica Jerome. These are hard working, extremely talented women who deserve to compete. Glad they may finally get their chance!

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