Saturday, May 27, 2006

Summertime Blues.

Okay, so it's May 27. Memorial Day Weekend. The Official Start of Summer.

Not to panic; we can make it.

After all, if you pick November 15 as the arbitrary beginning of ski season, it's only five months and 19 days away.

That's 172 days.

Or 4,128 hours.

Or 247,680 minutes.

Take a deep breath. We can do this.

Count on it.


Ann in MA said...

I, for one, need to get in shape, so that's how I will be spending those days. And yes, they cannot pass quickly enough. I got some lovely new ski boots for my birthday, and am dying to try them out!

Speaking of getting in shape, does anyone have a resource for ski-specific training in a regular gym? I own a Skiier's Edge, but it's about 100 years old (OK, about 25 years, ugh) and needs work.


Wendy C. said...

There's a great artice in an old issue of Ski Magazine about this: The Final Countdown. It emphasizes a combination of strength training and cardio. But don't overlook stretching (for greater flexibility), and balance exercises (so you don't fall over!), too. Anyone have any other ideas?